You and Me, Mum is a 10 week programme for mothers with experiences of domestic & sexual abuse. It aims to empower and support survivors in furthering their understanding of their role as mothers and in addressing the needs of children & young people who have lived with domestic abuse.

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Some of the women who have participated in the programme have taken away a lot of learning and increased their understanding of the impact that domestic violence can have on themselves and their children. Below are some feedback comments from the women and what they have gained;

When asked do you think attending You and Me Mum has helped you in any way?

C stated “I’ve realised how I should be treated by people and in relationships and that all my time is for the baby and I’m a lot more focused on parenting.”

L stated “I think the biggest impact is within myself – I am much more positive and happier and can now realise the fact I weren’t physically abused does not make what I went through any less important”

R stated “Definitely how I feel about myself, I was forever being told it was all my fault, which led me to sincerely believe it was my fault but now I know it’s not.

How was your overall experience of You and Me, Mum?

R stated “There is nothing and no one that has opened my eyes more than this course has”

Do you feel you have learnt anything new from attending You and Me, Mum?

R stated “I learnt that my daughter’s father is an actual monster and in the process of abusing me he is actually hurting my daughter too.”

What aspects of the You and Me Mum programme did you find most helpful?

C stated “I have found the effects of a mother helpful because it made me realise what I was going through.”

R stated “I found looking at the cycle of abuse most helpful, looking at the different types of abuse there was a lot of things I didn’t realise that was actual abuse.”

L stated “The Cycle of violence was a turning point for me.  I found that the most emotional and thought provoking.

Do you feel that your relationship has been affected in any way by attending You and Me, Mum?

J stated “We are both more open about our emotions and feelings, more so me than Harry.”

L stated “I now accept how hard it was to live in the home we had, that accepting what happened has helped me to be a happier person”

R stated “it has definitely made me a lot more patient with my daughter, its made me wanna listen to her needs more”

Do you have any other comments about You and Me, Mum?

L stated “I literally think it’s one of the best things ever, the big factor in the group is the group leaders, his support and honesty is what helped me open up.  I felt able to talk without being judged.

R stated “This was overall a really good experience, opened my eyes and a really good programme.  Would greatly recommend.

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