At Clubmoor and Ellergreen Childrens centre our Family Support workers main aim is to improve outcomes for families across the local area.
They will aim to minimise the risks and maximise opportunities whilst offering support enabling them to engage hard to reach families and support them in accessing the children`s centre services.

As family support workers working at Tier 2 on the Safeguarding Children Board Threshold guidance we offer targeted services within and alongside universal services.
We also have Family Support workers working at Tier 3 on the Threshold guidance who work with section 17, Child in Need cases which have previously been closed to social care.  We also work alongisde Children Services with section 47 Child Protection cases.

We get our referrals from various partner agencies such as:

  • Health visitors
  • Schools
  • Doctors
  • Community Nursery Nurses
  • Nurseries
  • Speech and language team
  • Family link workers
  • Midwives and Enhanced Midwifery Team
  • FAB (Families and babies)
  • Early intervention team
  • Social workers/Care line
  • We will also receive a lot of self referrals from parents and families who have children up to the age of 5 for additional support.

There is a way that our support workers, work.  Firstly they will meet with the family and respond to the referral.
They will identify any other support that they may need.  Staff will do this by completing a Early Help Assesment Form with the family.
Support workers will then offer advice and support, once a plan has been put in place for the family Staff will then liaise with appropriate agencies and link parents and families to appropriate services.

Some of the services we can offer support around include:

  • Housing
  • Benefits
  • Parenting
  • Home Conditions
  • Domestic Violence
  • Depression/Anxiety/Confidence Building/Mental Health
  • Adult Learning
  • Debt
  • Linking to Groups and Courses

We also attend:

  • TAC Meetings
  • C.I.N Meetings
  • Core Group Meetings
  • C.P Meetings
  • We can also accompany parents to meetings, appointments and groups if they wish us to do so.

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